Acquisition Criteria

Manna Capital seeks out core-plus opportunities in MSAs from coast to coast and across all real estate types, including multifamily, industrial, self-storage, and development. Our disciplined investment approach enables Manna Capital to maximize equity and debt capital sources, producing positive risk-adjusted returns.


Multi family

At Manna Capital, our approach involves utilizing a proprietary research methodology to create long-term value. This involves enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing untapped value through innovative and timely investment strategies across various segments of the real estate industry, including low-rise apartments, high-rise apartments, condominiums, and redevelopment projects.



Manna Capital pursues a blended investment approach that fuses a comprehensive grasp of market fundamentals with strategic methods. Our focus is on acquiring, managing, and growing light manufacturing and food manufacturing facilities, temperature-controlled storage, warehouses, logistics centers, and other income-generating real estate assets.



Manna Capital endeavors to benefit from changes in household formation and mobility through the acquisition of value-add self-storage assets in key and secondary markets throughout the US. Our meticulous revenue evaluation, hands-on engagement, and market insights honed over time give us a competitive edge in this market.


Ground-Up Development

At Manna Capital, our strategy for new construction emphasizes both appearance and functionality by incorporating a design that showcases the project's location, services, technological focus, and layout. This approach prioritizes both form and function in our new construction ventures.


Brokerage and Management

To ensure an efficient and productive deal cycle, from deal identification through due diligence, closing, construction, and property management, Manna Capital controls every facet of the deals we source. This deal management is done by our affiliates and subsidiaries, including Regatta Realty – a full-service brokerage firm specializing in residential and commercial transactions, and Strategic Management Solutions, our property management company.

Manna Capital is a Private Equity and cutting-edge Real Estate investment firm. Through aggressive, situation-based, risk-adjusted acquisitions process, and superior execution practices, Manna has emerged as an industry leader.

With over a century of experience and, and turnkey deal execution approach, Manna Capital is poised for future growth and sustained success in up or down markets.

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